A Tale of Two Families

The neglected building that was once “frozen in time” was rediscovered by two couples with a dream  – to work together to create delicious beers and inspiring space. With the help and support of their families and friends, this dream led them to a former staple of the Gainesville community, a place of import and historical significance, Gainesville’s former ice house. While the old building was deteriorated, it was clear that this was a diamond in the rough. Working together and with many others, the quest to bring life back to this building was realized. The well that served the past to create ice has been revived to yet again serve the community of Gainesville. It also brought together many good people to create a wonderful locale. And now the brewing has commenced – the well gives, the brewers brew, and the community enjoys! With the help of family and friends, lots of hard work, and fabulous community, dreams come true!