Built in 1903, our building was once an ice and cold storage factory. Located right on the railroad (which has since been converted to a rail-trail), the factory offered 25, 50, and 100 lb blocks of ice for Gainesvillians. The Ice House building also contained a smokehouse and meat locker (known in its later years as Bill’s Meat Room). We found evidence of the smokehouse days in two boxes of files discovered during our renovations – the records detailed orders of smoked meat from the 1930s for such customers as the Dudleys, whose homestead, Dudley Farm, is now a state park. The Gainesville Ice House building was a crucial part of the community for half a century, so we know that these walls have seen stories! Out of respect for this interesting building and historic site, our team has worked diligently to restore this space to create a beautiful brewery and comfortable space to enjoy its fruits. We look forward to writing another chapter within these walls!

The rainstorms fill our aquifers, feed our rivers and streams, and give us the waters of life – waters that we also use to make beer. Our building, which was once a turn-of-the-century Ice House, contains an artesian well.

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Well, when we first saw the Floridan aquifer-fed well, we knew that this site was the perfect home for Cypress & Grove. When the building that is now our brewery was still an ice house, a 700 foot well was drilled to pull from the abundant and ancient waters of the Floridan aquifer. At one time, the 6 inch well pipe was able to pump 5,000 gallons a minute! The Cypress & Grove team called in some well experts to redevelop this well and give us access to the pure and delicious waters of the Floridan. One of our not-so-secret ingredients, this well helps to create the delicious brews that we enjoy today!