Like all creative endeavors, resources are consumed and waste is created in the process of making beer. At Cypress & Grove, we feel committed to minimizing our footprint as much as possible and giving respect to the environment and natural resources that provide us with a plethora of wonderful ingredients to make beer.



We are conscious of our energy and water use; we use LED lights wherever possible, use fans instead of air conditioning to cool our brewery space, and have low-flow toilets in all the restrooms. When renovating our roof, we structured it to be ready for future purchase and installation of solar panels.



In an effort to preserve resources as well as history, we refurbished the old ice house instead of leveling the structure and starting anew. We worked hard pulling nails and sorting through what was salvageable in the wreckage that time created of this building. Our "treasures” make up the tables, bars and embellishments you enjoy!


Our grain is donated to feed local cows at Aquila Farm in Waldo, FL to supplement their grass diet. Our growlers are recycled by both you, when you refill your bottle, and by the growler company we use. All other packaging is carefully sorted and recycled, or terracycled, as much as possible.



If you have other ideas for how we can reduce, reuse, or recycle, we’d love to hear it! You can contact us at