Cool Beginnings

Find out about more about the story behind Gainesville’s newest craft brewery. Notice the many rooms at Cypress & Grove? Like many buildings merged into one? The development of the former ice house happened in stages. The cool beginning was the construction of the brick building which was created in 1896 as the Successful Ice Company. It housed ice from more northern climates which was delivered to the ice house via the adjacent Seaboard and Atlantic Coast Line railways. In 1903, Mr George bought the building and created the Gainesville Ice Company, expanding the ice plant to accommodate a larger ice cutting facility. Thus the present day brewery space was built. When we purchased the building, this part of the building contained walls and caving in ceilings layered with a foot of cork – the choice insulation of that time. In the 1920’s, our current day tap room was built. The paradigm shifted as new technology allowed for the creation of ice, so Mr George installed an ammonia driven salt water bath 30 ton ice system. You can see the ammonia tanks next to the current day well room. In order to provide water for the new ice making equipment, the well was drilled. Originally installed to 400 feet, it tapped the Floridan aquifer.  A structure was developed around the well, and the current day tap room served to offer ice to Gainesvillians as well as to the passing railways. As time progressed, another structure was added on the north side of the building. This served as a cold storage facility for local restraunts and customers. And soon, this room will be converted into the Cypress and Grove’s Event Hall! We are glad to joyfully fill the halls of this old building with celebrations and good people – we hope you enjoy the halls of Cypress & Grove!