Our Space

Cypress & Grove's concept is an intersection of Gainesville history and culture, a place where the city’s eclectic influences mix – art, science, brewing, food, and music. Housed within the once iconic Gainesville Ice Factory, Cypress & Grove's space is an open modern brewery and pub concept with an abundance of natural influence. Our Tap Room was redeveloped to yet again serve Gainesville - a city that has a special place for everyone. A place full of artistic, creative, and genuine folk. The vision for this Tap Room is a place you could hang your hat on, a space to enjoy, celebrate, and create with your fellow Gainesvillans. So while we cater to those who love good craft beer, we also provide variety to those wanting something a little fruitier, less-hoppy, and even non-alcoholic. Come see for yourself what makes the Cypress & Grove atmosphere so unique and join many other Gainesvillans in raising a pint to our fine city and everything that makes it great.