At the corner of Cypress & Grove there is a well. From that well life transforms.
In the beginning, our well provided the people of Gainesville with ice and the Atlantic and Seaboard Railroads ice to cool their rail cars.


Neighborhood children played in the cold pools of water from the ice plant and neighbors gathered. The tradition of community gathering, conversation, the sharing of ideas and friendship continues. Today we gather over a crisp pint of sessionable, beer brewed from the water from that very same well.


A new life grows around that well.

We are two families with a passion for brewing delicious beer and building community.

Our Products


With its ​light golden appearance, this beer is sure to be a favorite on any hot summer day and a regular staple for any picnic​, ​party​ or trip to the beach​.

(ABV: ​5.0 ​%, Color 3 SRM,  17 IBU)


Our Pale Ale is a balanced, hoppy, American-style pale ale. Light gold in color, this beer has light body and finishes dry and refreshing on the palate.

(ABV: 5.8%, Color: 5 SRM, 26 IBU)


The IPA is a classic, featuring an immediately noticeable aroma ​of tropical fruit,​ citrus and pine owing to a healthy dose of Amarillo and Centennial whole leaf hops.

(ABV: 6.9%, Color: 8 SRM, 60 IBU)


A crisp refreshing light ale that highlights the character of the hops and wheat malt found in its German cousins. This beer with a slice of citrus is bound to be a Florida summer favorite.

(ABV: 5.0%, Color: 2 SRM,  17 IBU)


Featuring a dark brown ale and grainy malt aroma, roasted malt, dark chocolate, coffee and amaretto notes dominate the palate up front with a balanced hop bitterness in the finish.

(ABV: 6.5%, Color: 27 SRM, 24 IBU)


Our Dry Stout is a dark malty black ale with a roasted malt flavor and hint of coffee. Even non-dark beer drinkers ​will enjoy ​this amazing stout!

(ABV: 4.5%, Color: 2​9 SRM, 20 IBU)


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